DevOps Lead

Part Time | Rochester, NY, USA | Engineering

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  • Develop and document server infrastructure for live and test environments utilizing Amazon Web Services best practices, then implement and maintain this infrastructure
  • Develop and document deployment strategy for live and test instances of MOLI
  • Participate in regular Engineering meetings and code reviews
  • Contribute code to the product in support of primary responsibilities and as-needed


Technical Requirements / Experience

  • Advanced level knowledge of Amazon Web Services
  • Advanced level knowledge of Python. Experience with Django a plus.
  • Advanced level knowledge of Linux
  • Proficiency with PostgreSQL, nginx, uwsgi, and apache
  • Proficiency with git or other distributed version control systems.



  • Part Time: Stock Option Award
  • Converts to Full-Time with cash salary + benefits upon closing of funding round



  • Please send anything you feel best represents who you are and what you do (resume, FOSS projects, whatever…) directly to CEO Steve Smith.
  • Any questions, you can email or call (585) 471-6800 x101


Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

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