Perdix Software, Inc. (est. 2014, Rochester, New York) is creating the next generation of resource planning systems designed to handle the most complex problems with the utmost simplicity of operation.

The company's sole product is MOLI™, the Multi-Operation Lean Intelligence System™.

MOLI enables leaders of manufacturing companies to translate more revenue to their bottom line by improving and automating business processes, reducing waste and inventory, and increasing quality and compliance.

Perdix? What's a Perdix?

In Greek mythology, Perdix was a clever student of the mechanical arts.

One day, while walking on the seashore, he picked up the spine of a fish, and had an idea... he took a piece of iron and notched it on the edge, and invented the saw. Then, putting two and two together (literally), he invented the scissors.

And that's why we named the company after him. Perdix was the first to see a simple invention that benefits everyone. Like him, we strive to make the complicated, simple, for the benefit of all.

Perdix Software Logo