Perdix Software, Inc. (est. 2015, Rochester NY) was founded by Steven L Smith and Jacob R Weidert.

Perdix Software's signature product, MOLI, is an information processing system for digital manufacturing. MOLI kiosks at workcenters throughout a facility empower employees to add, manage, and augment production data, create training records and upgrade their skills, tracking all aspects of production, and linking data to/from other systems as appropriate.

Perdix Software, using The MOLI System, builds for each customer an extensible, customized, robust digital infrastructure for industrial and manufacturing excellence, and works with customers and partners to improve the system as needs and technologies evolve.

Perdix Software, Inc. is a proud member of NextCorps and LifeSciencesNY.

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Our Story

Jake and Steve standing at cutting machine with MOLI screen in foreground and Andon stack light in background

Entrepreneur Jake Weidert had recently purchased OTEX Protective, a manufacturer of Arc Flash PPE. The successful family business had built a loyal customer base, but had siloed information and redundant data entry which created a lack of communication, compatibility, and cohesion between systems. This resulted in unnecessary obstacles in growing the business, meeting quality and timeliness objectives, and maximizing labor productivity.

Jake consulted with Steve Smith, who reviewed the current market offerings with him. After seeing that that there was no one software solution that would address all of the business requirements, the two decided to build a company to develop their own software solution — marking the inception of Perdix Software. Since then, MOLI has grown to meet the needs of other manufacturers and continues to evolve through customer discovery and feedback.

Why the name Perdix?

Perdix is found in Greek mythology. Perdix is Icarus's cousin (Icarus, the dude who flew too close to the sun) and Daedalus' nephew...

A clever student of the mechanical arts, Perdix was also accomplished inventor.

One day, while walking on the seashore, he picked up the spine of a fish, and had an idea... he took a piece of iron and notched it on the edge, and invented the saw. Then, putting two and two together (literally), he invented the scissors... and later the compass.

Perdix was the first to see a simple invention that could benefit everyone.

The jawbone of a salmon on some rocks

Our Location

Closeup of a MOLI water bottle on a ledge next to the Genesee River, with the Broad Street aquaduct in background

Trailblazed by Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb, the Rochester, NY area is known as the imaging capitol of the world.

These companies ignited a boom of manufacturing throughout the 20th century — building on a legacy of water-powered automation and flour mills along the Genesee River. These mills, fueled by the surrounding countryside, gave Rochester the moniker “Flour City”. (As the number of mills declined, the city re-exemplified itself as the “Flower City” — celebrated with the annual Lilac Festival in Highland Park, which draws tens of thousands.)

Manufacturing in the greater Rochester area continued to grow and evolve, and now has thriving high-technology and advanced manufacturing operations employing nearly 60,000 people in the region.